I'm Claire Holland, freelance writer and author of this little blog devoted to horror culture and criticism with a feminist bent. I'm 28 years old and often mistaken for a high school student (it's a blessing and a curse). I have a BA in English and creative writing from Washington College, but in spite of that, one of my great passions is writing about trashy genre movies (and hopefully revealing why they aren't so trashy after all) and culture.

My feminist horror manifesto can be summed up with the following:

  • Horror is for everyone (with an open mind).
  • Horror can be "problematic" (I hate that word - it encompasses everything and nothing), but that doesn't make it less worthy of feminist discussion and critique. It might make it more worthwhile.
  • Horror can be empowering - especially in a world where women are rarely encouraged to explore the parts of themselves that aren't so "nice."

Aside from that, I'm also a big fan of tattoos, rock and metal music, books of all kinds (but especially poetry, YA contemp, and of course, scary stuff), and my dog, Chief Brody, and my wonderful husband, Corey. I am also a poet.

I love talking horror with anyone and everyone, so please feel free to reach out through the comments here or on social media (I'm most active on Twitter) to start a conversation. I'm not nearly as grumpy as my profile picture would have you believe.

You can find more of my writing at Bitch FlicksThe BloodlustThe Times News, and The History Place.

For any and all inquiries, including writing opportunities and republishing, please email me at claireholland88@gmail.com, or use one of the many social media platforms I dabble in to reach me (though I am most active on Twitter and Instagram).

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