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Do you like my writing? Do you want to infuse some feminist-horror-goodness into your website or publication? I'm always open to new opportunities, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

What Do You Write About?

Horror movies, of course. But more specifically...

Movie Reviews
I write a lot of straightforward movie reviews - did I like it, and why or why not. I try to keep things interesting and entertaining, and my reviews are informed by a lifetime of on-the-job horror education, for whatever that's worth. I'm available to write horror movie reviews for your publication, and I will also write about non-horror films if the movie is intriguing enough.
The Green Inferno
The Purge - Or, How To Get Rid of Poor People For Less
Evil Dead
We Need to Talk About Kevin
Shutter Island

Critical Essays
It says "essay" in the title, but this isn't dry academic writing. I write essays about horror movies that tie in current events, pop culture, and more in an engaging and thought-provoking way. If you think your publication has room for something like that, I'm available to write full pieces on horror movies in relation to the real world.
Splice: The Horror of Having It All
The Manipulative Woman in SciFi: Bending Time and People to Her Will
Exploring Our Fear Of The Elderly In 'The Visit'
The Phrase "Torture Porn" Needs To Die, Because We're Punishing It
Elijah Wood's New Movie, 'Cooties,' Mirrors 'The Faculty' For a Grown Up Generation
The Angry Young Man in Horror
The Malignancy of Rape Culture in It Follows

Horror From a Feminist Perspective
Although I wouldn't say all of my writing is specifically feminist, I am a woman and a feminist, and therefore everything I write about is influenced by that perspective. That being said, I do sometimes write about movies from an explicitly feminist angle. I am available to write horror movie reviews, articles, and essays from a feminist perspective.
Splice: The Horror of Having It All
The Manipulative Woman in SciFi: Bending Time and People to Her Will
'Felt': When the Final Girl Comes Home
The Malignancy of Rape Culture in It Follows
Chastity Bites - Or, The Young Feminist's Guide to Losing Your Virginity
On the Subject of Ruthless Women

Are There Any Other Ways We Can Work Together?

I hope so. I'm open to the following...

I'm happy to consider allowing you to republish pieces I've already written and posted here on Razor Apple. However, please don't do it without my express permission. It's not that hard, just shoot me an email.

Guest Posting
Do you want me to guest post on your website? Do you want to guest post on Razor Apple? Both are possibilities I would love to consider. Just send me an email with your pitch (if you want to guest post here), or with some info about your website (if you want me to guest post). I'm sure we can help each other out.

Reviews Upon Request
Have you made a movie you'd like reviewed? Send me your film or short. I can't guarantee a review, nor can I guarantee a positive review, but I will do my best to review material sent to me, and I'll do it in a fair, unbiased manner. Get in touch with me through email or social media.

Crazy Ideas and Collaborations
Do you have a cool idea that I haven't listed here? Do you want a collaboration between this blog and your own blog? Or your podcast? Your Youtube channel? Something even crazier that I haven't thought of yet? I'm open to any and all ideas that involve discussing horror and horror-adjacent things. Just get in contact with me. Don't be shy.

But Why Should I Care What YOU Have To Say?

Well no one says you have to, but in a world where men's voices typically dominate the cultural conversation, an educated, female, feminist perspective is kind of intriguing, don't you think? Especially in the world of horror cinema, where women are so often seen but not heard (though that's changing constantly in an amazing way). I bring a unique, erudite perspective on horror movies and the ways in which they relate to our culture, plus I think my writing isn't half bad. I know how to write to a specific audience based on the subject at hand, be it silly or sublime, and I always keep it entertaining and relevant. This blog's posts are read and shared by horror fans and filmmakers on a regular basis.

I have a BA in English and creative writing from Washington College, and I've been a freelance writer for over ten years. My horror writing has been featured at The Times News, The History PlaceBitch Flicks, and The Bloodlust.

Okay, Let's Do It!

Great! The best way to get started is by sending me an email at In lieu of that, you can reach me on Twitter @ClaireCWrites. See my contact page for other ways to keep in touch.

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