Thursday, December 29, 2022

Favorite Films of 2022

Dinner in America. Pure, anarchist joy wrapped in a romance with great chemistry; Emily Skeggs and Kyle Gallner make a brilliant duo. I’m not sure I enjoyed any movie more than this one in 2022.

Dual. Strange, unsettling, and thought-provoking. An imaginative and darkly funny exploration of the ways we live and relate to one another in a capitalist, image-obsessed society.

Everything Everywhere All At Once. If you watch this movie and you don’t feel something… I feel sad for you. And a little scared of you.

Fresh. Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan are perfect in this zany, often queasy, horror comedy. One of the more unique things I watched this year, and I’ve seen a lot.

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande. About a middle-aged divorcee and the sex worker she hires to help tick off the items on her sexual bucket list, Leo Grande is chock full of necessary, stigma-busting conversations about sex, without ever feeling preachy or dry. An antidote to our society’s rampant and far-reaching issues with sex – or a start, at least.

Nope. A Western, an adventure film, and a horror movie all rolled into one, this movie wears its influences on its sleeve in the best way possible. This was the movie of the summer for me.

Resurrection. I love few things more than an intense Rebecca Hall film, and this movie is surely one of her most intense yet. She is fantastic.

Watcher. Cleverly subverts old tropes while remaining wildly suspenseful and entertaining. Maika Monroe is excellent as always.

Windfall. Funny and acerbic, a sharp little gem. If you haven’t seen The One I Love, also directed by Charlie McDowell, I highly recommend it as well.

X. I said everything I have to say about this movie – like, literally everything – in this piece at Daily Grindhouse. Needless to say, I loved it.

Honorable mentions: Barbarian, The Batman, Glorious, Nanny, Sharp Stick, Speak No Evil, We Need to Talk About Cosby (docuseries).