Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Accelerated Horror Movie Challenge, Week 2

We're into week two of the horror movie challenge! So let's just dive right in, shall we?

16) Favorite Werewolf movie: Ginger Snaps (2000). Oh, I could go on and on about my love for this movie, and my obsession for Katherine Isabelle, but I won’t. Maybe you need to be a girl to understand.

17) Favorite 80's Horror: Evil Dead II (1987). Mostly funny, occasionally creepy, and totally campy. Perfection.

18) Favorite Horror Movie Filmed In Black & White: Repulsion (1965). I love the tone and atmosphere.

19) Best Use Of Gore: Evil Dead (2013). The gore in this movie is insane, and yet it manages to keep an undercurrent of fun in there, rather than meanness. I think that’s pretty special.

20) Favorite Horror Character: Sam from Trick ’r Treat (2007). He’s adorable, but deadly!

21) Best Horror Franchise: The Scream movies. Okay, so not every movie is perfect, but I still love them all. Plus, look at that adorable cast photo! It's so 90s.

22) Best Death Scene: All the deaths in The Ruins (2008). Creative and grisly.

23) A Great Quote From A Horror Movie: Death Proof. "Hey Pam! Remember when I said this car was death proof? Well, that wasn't a lie. This car is 100% death proof. Only to get the benefit of it, honey, you really gotta be sitting in my seat." I don't know that this movie is technically horror, aside from a few bits, but I think that is a truly chilling moment.

24) Horror Film With A Great Soundtrack: Sinister (2012). This movie wouldn’t be half as effective without the incredible soundtrack.

25) Favorite 'Holiday' Horror Movie: Gosh, I don’t know. Mother’s Day (2010)? I haven’t seen any of the well-known Christmas horror fare, and everything else I can think of (My Bloody Valentine, Thankskilling, Leprechaun) was varying degrees of awful. Mother’s Day is mean-spirited and not that great, but at least it’s watchable.

26) Horror Movie For A Chicken: Lake Mungo (2008). The majority of this film plays out like an episode of Paranormal State, and is more spooky than actually scary. It's a great story and a great rumination on grief that anyone should be able to handle, but it does have one deeply chilling moment that will totally sneak up on you.

27) Your Guilty Pleasure Horror Movie: I wouldn’t say I necessarily have guilty pleasures, because horror in itself is kind of looked at as a guilty pleasure by those who don’t like it, and therefore I have a pretty thick skin when it comes to defending what I like. That being said, I do find it a little embarrassing how much I enjoyed the remake of the The Last House on the Left (2009). I don’t know, it just seems like, as a woman, I shouldn’t enjoy it so much??

28) Horror Film You'd Like To See Remade: Poltergeist (1982). Which is great, because they are remaking it! I liked the original, but I would love to see it remade to amp up the effects and the scariness. Assuming it’s done well, that is.

29) Worst Horror Movie: This is an incredibly broad topic, and I could name fifty horrible, badly acted, ridiculous films. Instead, I’m going to ignore those in favor of an even worse offender: Warm Bodies (2013). There are hardly words to express my hatred for this film – not because it’s a terrible movie, but because it completely ruins everything good about zombies and turns them into metaphors for a romantic fucking comedy. NO.

30) Favorite All Time Horror Movie: Seriously? This is so hard. If pressed, at the moment, I suppose I might say the Evil Dead (2013) remake (I know, it’s really showing up a lot on this list). But that is such a loaded question.

Next week, tune in to discover my feel-good horror movie, favorite horror actress, and more! And don't forget to check me out on Twitter if you want to see the horror movies I've been watching for #31HorrorFilms31Days. Spoiler: I've been watching ALL OF THEM.

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