Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Accelerated Horror Movie Challenge, Week 4

We're into our fourth and final week of the movie challenge - but there's still another whole week of October to enjoy, luckily. I've also watched 25 out of 31 movies for the #31HorrorFilms31Days challenge, so I think I'll make it. Anyway, without further ado, my final questions and answers...

46) Favorite thriller/mystery: Seven (1995). A longtime favorite of mine. What's in the booooxxx.

47) Favorite sci-fi film: Splice (2009). I don’t like many sci-fi movies, but I love this one. Such a weird idea that delves further into taboos than many movies are willing.

48) Best horror movie you saw during the last year: You’re Next (2013). It’s popped up on this list a whole lot, but for good reason.

49) An underrated horror film: Frozen (2010). I just watched this again the other night, and I was really struck by how ingenious this movie is. It makes incredible use of its (completely real) environment, has some good, realistic characters, and several moments that tread the line between horror and pure tragedy. Watching the behind the scenes featurettes made it even clearer how inventive the filmmakers had to be, and I'm impressed.

50) Favorite musical horror movie: Hmm, I don't love musicals in general, but if I had to choose... Sweeney Todd (2007)? I really love how gothic and dark it is, and I do like the songs.

51) Favorite horror TV series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is by far my all-time favorite, despite not being very scary. (I'd really call it a drama, but it has vampires, so whatever I'm counting it. Also, look at that cast photo! So 90s. So wow.) I will admit here, though, that I have enjoyed some of American Horror Story and Hemlock Grove. Even though those are both deeply flawed shows, they have some really great, horrific moments that out-scary most other shows.

52) A horror film that makes you sad: Eden Lake (2008). This depressed the hell out of me, because it is so bleak, brutal and hopeless – not only for the victims, but for the child perpetrators as well (who are victims in their own way).

53) Best horror movie in the woods: There are a lot of choices, but I'm going to go with The Cabin in the Woods (2012), mostly because I don't think I've mentioned it yet. And it's awesome.

54) Favorite horror movie child actor: Oh my gosh, this is a straight-up tie between Isaac from Children of the Corn (1984) and Damien from The Omen (1976). Isaac, for his insane, egregious, wackjob overacting - which is the best thing about that movie - and Damien for being so incredibly cute and understated that you'd never expect him to be the most evil thing on the planet. Opposite ends of the spectrum, both fantastic and special in their own way.

55) Favorite final girl: Mia (Jane Levy) in Evil Dead (2013). When will this movie stop showing up on this list? Never, is the right answer. I can't help it - Jane Levy is amazing in this movie, and Mia is an amazing final girl. I mean, the shit she goes through - almost drowning, tree rape, having her face scalded by boiling water, possession, pulling off her own hand. She really deserves this title.

57) Favorite supernatural movie: Drag Me to Hell (2009). I love everything about this movie, from the story to the performances to the effects.

58) Favorite movie based on a book: The Silence of the Lambs (1991). Can anyone claim that this isn’t a pitch perfect adaptation?

59) Favorite friendship in a film: Eli and Oskar in Let the Right One In (2008). Their friendship is totally screwed-up and scary, but oddly poignant and sweet at times.

60) A horror movie you'd be in: I'm not sure what this question means, exactly... a horror movie I'd want to be in? A horror movie I'd most likely end up in? In any case, I'm going to go with Friday the 13th. It's possible I'm being way too cavalier about this, but I just think I'd have a better chance of surviving, whether it be Mrs. Voorhees in the 1980 version or Jason in the reboot. Mrs. Voorhees has a lot of crazy going on, but come on - she's a little old lady! And yes, Jason is supernatural in that he never seems to die, but it's also not impossible to outrun him, like it is with a ghost, and it's not impossible to outsmart him, because he can't get into your head like, say, Freddy Krueger. I was also a pretty good girl in high school, so I'd have that going for me as a potential final girl. And I just like the camp setting.

So we've come to the end of our challenge! What would your answers to some of these questions be (especially the last one!)?

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